Sustainability – Wood Flooring

Environmental Leader in Commercial Wood Flooring

At Pergo, we’re committed to reducing our ecological footprint and to helping our customers to reduce theirs. Sustainability is a top priority in each life cycle stage of the parquet floor. From purchasing and production to distribution, during lifetime to end of life of the floor, we continue to seek for more energy efficient processes and to minimize our impact on the environment.

Energy-efficient production
Water used on site is mainly for heating purposes during the manufacturing process. The management and protection of water resources is one of the cornerstones of environmental protection globally. We’ve taken several actions to reduce our water use during production and to avoid wastewater at any time. Accordingly, we can claim that 97% of our water supply for production is collected from internally recycled water.
We use carefully screened raw materials
Pergo Engineered Wood Parquet consists more than 60% by weight of recycled material. All waste that is created during the production process (sand dust, milling dust, offcuts,…) is recycled. We will not use recycled content from external origin as we want to full control the content of our product.
We comply with all regulations (and beyond)
Thanks to a strict selection and control of our products, only an absolute minimum of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are released. VOC’s are substances affecting the indoor air quality. For Pergo Parquet the most important VOC is Formaldehyde. The emission of Formaldehyde is much lower than the most stringent EU nrom in that respect.
Environmental Labels
Nordic Ecolabel
Nordic Ecolabel. Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer to receive the Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan.
PEFC-certified (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Signifies that all wood used in these products originates from renewable forests.
M1 Finnish label for emission classification.
Afsett (A+)
Afsett (A+). Afsett is a French certificate used for emission regulations. A+ is the toughest category meaning very low emissions.