Sustainability – Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Surpassing all Environmental Requirements

At Pergo, we’re committed to reducing our ecological footprint and to helping our customers to reduce theirs. Sustainability is a top priority in each life cycle stage of the Pergo Vinyl floor. From purchasing and production to distribution, during lifetime to end-of-life of the floor, we continue to seek for more (energy) efficient processes and to minimize our impact on the environment..

Phthalate free
Plasticizers are the subject of a health discussion. More specifically, ortho-phthalates might be hazardous for our health. That’s why we work ortho-phthalate-free. We only use DOTP, the same kind of plasticizers that are allowed to be used for plastics in kids toys or for food packaging.
Extremely low VOC emission
VOC’s are substances affecting the indoor air quality. The total VOC emitted by a Pergo Vinyl floor is 50 times lower than the most stringent EU norm in that respect.
End of life of your floor
The easy Perfect Fold V click system enables you to easily de-install the floor and re-use it in another area. At the end of life of your floor, flooring waste can be recycled to new flooring.
Afsett (A+)
Afsett (A+). Afsett is a French certificate used for emission regulations. A+ is the toughest category meaning very low emissions.
M1 Finnish label for emission classification.
EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). Its main purpose is to provide precise, reliable and comparable information on environmental performance of the product.