Pergo Viskan Pro

Embrace Realness !

Stunning Strength with Rigid Click

Viskan pro range is designed for stone lovers. The Rigid Vinyl tiles look like the real deal, but are in fact less fragile than, say, your favorite type of marble. And with Tile, you get the look without the cold feeling underfoot.

At Pergo, we applaud your energetic lifestyle.  With Rigid Click, we marry beauty with strength.  Our Rigid Vinyl floors might trick you: they look and feel like real wood and stone.  The detailing is impressive, as in the variety in texture and colour.

Extra Strong: Pergo Rigid Flooring can take a knock or 2.  The core is ultra strong and the top layer is ultra resistant.

100% waterproof:  Pergo Rigid Click floors is also 100% waterproof when installed from surface water.  The way you can cook, spill, live life to the fullest without the worry.                              Water tight click system? Check.  Water repellent vinyl ? Check.

Irregular Surfaces: Another Plus, Pego Rigid can be installed in no time, sometimes even over irregular surfaces.  The subfloor hardly needs any preparation, thanks to the strength of the vinyl and the easy click system.

25 Year Warranty: Every Pergo Rigid Click floor is Pro-Quality, our superior quality level, which means its extra durable and offers you a 25 year warranty (residential).