Pergo LVT Tile

Vinyl Just Got Real – Can you believe this is Vinyl !
What makes our vinyl different?
If you want a floor that is natural-looking and easy to maintain, Pergo vinyl is the floor of your dreams.  Our R&D teams set the standard, with unique designs that looks real.
Our vinyl has a SUPERIOR TOP LAYER.  This protects your floor against staining, soiling and scratching.  Pergo Vinyl is also water resistant to the core.
It is easy to maintain and hygienic.
Our products are 100% free of Ortho-Phthalates which makes a healthier home atmosphere.
Our glue down range needs to be installed onto a ultra smooth and level subfloor.
Tile Optimum Glue Down is a collection of rectangular vinyl tiles with elegant colours and a sophisticated look. Thanks to their extra wear resistant top layer, they are the perfect choice for busy environments with intense foot traffic.
The Vinyl Optimum Glue collection consists of 3 formats.
– The 3 formats have a V-groove on all 4 sides that enhances the authentic look of the floor.
– Optimum Glue has a total thickness of 2.5 mm and consists of 5 high quality layers:
1. Protective TitanV™- layer that is resistant to scratches, stains and wear
2. Finely printed decorative vinyl layer
3. Very strong impact-resistant vinyl core
4. Extra stabilising layer with fibre glass
5. Very strong, impact-resistant vinyl underlay
– The new TitanV™ protective top layer completely seals the surface, making the floor more resistant to stains, dirt and scratches. The closed surface also ensures that the floors are easier to clean.
– For every Optimum Glue vinyl floor there is a perfectly matching skirting that is water resistant and, just like the floor itself, resistant to scratches, stains and wear.
– The floors are installed glued with Pergo Vinyl Glue.
– Warranty:
Residential use
25-year warranty
Commercial use
5-year warranty (up to 15 years on request)