Pergo Dalen

Beauty Beyond Looks

There is more to a beautiful floor than meets the eye.  That is why Pergo laminate floors not only look authentic, they feel that way too.

100% Water Resistant – With Aqua-Safe technology Pergo sets the new standard for laminates when it coms to water resistance.  Aqua-Safe creates a sealed surface – all the way down to the bevels – efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor.  The result? Water, dirt and stains stay on the surface and can easily be wiped off.  As a bonus of being water resistant, floors are also hygiene and easy to maintain.

Pergo Dalen offers a 10 year wet guarantee !

The Perfect Finish with Pergo 5 in 1 profile available in an exact matching colour and texture to your floor for a T Moulding, Transition, End Moulding, Stair flush moulding, Stair Nose moulding and a hard surface reducer.  Yes, all in 1 moulding – –

  • Class 32 – Fit for intensive domestic use and commercial use
  • Click installation
  • Compatible with floor heating
  • Water resistant Aqua-Safe
  • Ecolabel
  • Perfect Fold system
  • 1261 x 192 x 8mm
  • 2.179m2 / Pack